Sauté Your Way was designed for people who love great-tasting food but don’t have the time or kitchen experience to prepare a restaurant-quality meal. The recipes perfectly pair wild caught shrimp fresh from the Gulf of Mexico with classic, world-inspired sauce flavors developed by top Chef Paul Prudhomme to create a bold new meal concept.

The quick and easy stovetop sauté method prepares the delicious Sauté Your Way dishes in under 30 minutes. Each package includes eight ounces of raw, peeled, pillow-packaged, domestic Louisiana Gulf Shrimp and ten ounces of restaurant quality, heat and serve sauce made by Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning Blends. The high-quality meal is perfect for personalization; by simply adding pasta, rice or vegetables, the meal easily serves four.

The mouth-watering meals are available in three recipes: Gulf Shrimp with New Orleans Roasted Garlic Sauce, Gulf Shrimp with Key Largo Lemon & Dill Sauce and Gulf Shrimp with Asian Soywabi Sauce.

Whether you prefer to serve with pasta, rice or stir-fried vegetables, Sauté Your Way lets you create nutritious, gourmet meals in a jiffy.  


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