New, Value-added Gulf Shrimp Meal Introduced at Boston Seafood Show

Boston, February 24, 2008 A La Carte Specialty Foods is introducing Sauté Your Way™, a new product line that offers quick and easy-to-prepare meal solutions featuring gulf shrimp for people who love great-tasting food but don’t think they have the time or kitchen experience to prepare a restaurant-quality meal.

Sauté Your Way™” features domestic shrimp wild-caught in the Gulf of Mexico paired with gourmet sauces created by internationally recognized Chef Paul Prudhomme. Each of the initial three flavor options can be enjoyed from freezer to table in less than 30 minutes. Each also offers home chefs the opportunity to personalize their high-quality meal.

One option is the Gulf Shrimp with Roasted Garlic Sauce, inspired by New Orleans’ classic “barbecued shrimp.” A second option features the Pacific Rim-inspired Soywabi Sauce featuring the flavors of ginger, soy and wasabi in perfect partnership with sizzling shrimp. There is also the tropical and aromatic Key Largo Lemon and Dill Sauce that includes lemon as well as apple juice, chopped dill and caramelized onions. Each sauce can be modified (suggestions included) to suit the individual taste and creativity of the home chef.

Sauté Your Way™ is the creation of Karl Turner, President of A La Carte Specialty Food, LLC. Turner is the former executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board. Turner says his motivation for creating Sauté Your Way™ comes from interest in building a more competitive brand of Gulf of Mexico domestic shrimp that competes well against the  imports.  

According to Turner, “There really isn’t a dispute about flavor. Gulf shrimp taste better than do farm-raised imports.  But many people today do not have time or interest in cooking from scratch.  For that reason, I wanted to design a product line that would pair the natural taste advantage of Gulf shrimp with classic world-inspired sauce flavors.”

Turner worked with Chef Paul Prudhomme, who, as he describes it, “used his Magic Seasoning Blends to create a collection of classics.” Additional sauce flavors will be added to the product line later, Turner points out.

Turner hopes to occupy a special market niche in the retail supermarket—involving a domestic value-added product.  “When I realized there are no meal options on the market featuring Gulf shrimp for people who want ease of preparation along with great tasting food, I decided it was time to do something about it. To my knowledge, there’s always been talk here about value-added seafood, but no similar complete meal solution is currently available in the supermarket that features Gulf shrimp.”

 Sauté Your Way™ meals are set to launch in early March at 31 Rouse’s Supermarkets across South Louisiana. , but expansion into other markets nationwide is anticipated.

About Sauté Your Way™

Every Sauté Your Way™ packet includes eight ounces of domestic, raw, peeled, Gulf Shrimp (60-80 count per lb.) and 10 ounces of a gourmet, restaurant quality, heat-and-serve sauce made by Chef Paul Prudhomme. Based on this size shrimp, each packet will contain 30-40 shrimp. A separate sauce packet will contain 10 ounces of sauce. Shrimp should be thawed, then sautéed for about two minutes. Final step is to stir in the thawed sauce.  The concept is to sauté, stir in sauce, and serve within 20 minutes. Estimated freezer -to-table time is “less than 30 minutes.” 

NOTE: Entrée may be served over rice, pasta or vegetables, not supplied. Each Package will include unique serving suggestions and other tips to enhance such as adding sautéed red or yellow bell peppers, raisins, pineapple chunks, white wine, etc.

For more information, contact: Karl Turner, A La Carte Specialty Food, LLC

501 Louisiana St. Westwego, LA 70094 USA 504 436 8911 or


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